An 8-week Online + Group Coaching + Live Kundalini Yoga Program that is a Mind, Body, Soul Detox and Launch Pad to Ignite your Vitality and step into the Fullness of your Dreams!! Watch the video below to dive deeper and explore! VIVA!



11 years ago I heard a message that changed my life forever. It was a sacred elder from the Toltec Native Tradition and he said “There are 7.2 billion angels on the planet. An angel is a messenger. Each one of you has a message.”

I felt the call rise up from deep within me and I knew on a soul level I am here as a messenger of Light, Healing, and Leadership. Although 11 years ago, I wasn’t sure how it would unfold, I was (as we all are) guided every step of the way. 

Along the journey I was faced with the challenges that come to many of those choosing to live conscious and awake: addiction, buried trauma, and chronic illness that was stored in my body. For 7 years I would wake up feeling sick and run-down and I would tell myself each morning “When I get through this - and it is not an if but a when - I will share what I learned with the world."  And I did get through it. I healed and what I discovered in the healing process is my message to you Dear Brave One... 
You are the healer. 
You are the one you have been waiting for.
You are the answer to your prayer.
You are the leader.  
It's Your Time Now. 
Grace & Grit, 
Alice Fulks Khalsa

Meet Your Guides

Kelly Castro is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach, New thought leader, public speaker, seminar leader, and spiritual ninja. She and her husband co-founded Conscious Partnership Coaching, which provides transformational and healing services to individuals, couples, and families. Kelly received her BA in Psychology, is a certified Reiki practitioner, has been initiated in Sacred lands all over the world into high levels of energetic healing capacities, and has worked in mental and spiritual health for 8 years. She has facilitated over 1000 groups in various centers in Los Angeles and has worked with hundreds of people in all areas of wellbeing including health, relationships, finances, and spirituality. Kelly takes a holistic approach in her own life, as well as the lives of her three and helps her clients get to the root causes of suffering - rather than treating symptoms. After all, freedom is our absolute birthright!


Alice Fulks is a Trauma Informed Wellness Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Retreat Leader, & Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She believes in the beauty of your dreams. She believes in your body's ability to be restored & activated as the temple of your soul.  On her own journey, she has navigated through chronic illness, addiction, co-dependency, trauma, and underneath it all discovered her light, her truth, and her purpose.  She is light leader supporting fellow light leaders to rise together and stand courageously in truth and live our missions and dreams! She recognizes that a return to a Radiant Life is a comprehensive mind, body, spirit process which asks us to deeply commit to Self Love and to step into the fullness of our Destiny. 

Alice believes the greatest thing we can do as humans is witness and process our experiences and challenges with gentleness and awe. Together we can alchemize our past wounds into light, power, & purpose.  The programs and retreats Alice offers are the curation of potent & transformational practices.

Who Is This Program For?

If you’ve been wanting to feel more energized, ignited, on purpose, and empowered, this course is for you!

For more than a decade Kelly and Alice have worked with woman in the space of transformation and wellness, helping them to restore their body temple through which their dreams and visions are channeled. Kelly and Alice support women to witness & process their experiences and challenges with gentleness and awe and learn to alchemize this energy into light, power, & purpose. We are here to support women as they nourish and restore their body temple as a channel for the fullness of their visions and dreams!


It’s Your Time Now! During the Radiant Reboot 8 Week Course, we will guide you to…

*Support your overall wellness and vitality - Balance your Energy and Metabolism - Gently Detoxify your Liver
*Release toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and pathogens

*Release stagnant energy, fears, and old beliefs that no longer serve you

*Support your immune system

*Learn Healthy Stress Management Tools

*Strengthen and Balance your Nervous + Endocrine (glandular) Systems

*Connect with a Spiritual Practice helping you to build loving discipline

*Uncover, Discover, and Transform limiting beliefs, patterns, and self sabotage

*Alchemize past wounds into compassion, awareness, and aligned action

*Dive deep in CommUNITY where you are safe, seen, and supported TO THRIVE! 

*Connect with your soul's purpose

*Experience a grounded, pragmatic process for anchoring your purpose into attainable goals

*Receive Massive Support as you support, honor, cherish, fall in love with, and come home to YOU!

This Training is for All Women
The Radiant Reboot Course attracts woman from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds. And that’s part of what makes it such a fun and exciting gathering!! The only requirement is your willingness, open mindedness, and honesty. This process meets you where you are!! We honor and support your process and your path.

What People Are Saying About this Program

"I have tears in my eyes because I never imagined I would be able to find so much joy in my body and in movement. I can't wait to share the gifts and tools you shared with me, to show others that they too can heal, that we are enough, and that together, we can heal the planet! Beyond Grateful"

Jules Marie Luna
Wellness and Embodiment Coach

"I started working with Alice a couple of months ago, in alliance with my Natropath & finally, I've had massive progress & breakthroughs! I attribute this wholly to the work I'm doing with Alice & the major shifts in lifelong belief patters that she has guided me through. Alice's work & program is beyond comprehensive, incorporating nutrition & supplements, symptom tracking, wellness guidance, life-goal setting, prayer & meditation, trauma work, re-programming of old thought patterns, all with a theme of self-love which encompasses good life practices that apply to all. I have for the first time in life, arrived at complete self-love. I am finally loving myself properly & I believe this is the key to my overall healing. "

Kelly Layne
Writer + Event Producer

"Alice helped me transition back to a natural way of eating after years of being on and off various diets, doctor’s programs, medicines & supplements to get my health in order. Her gentle way of informing & guiding me - and her delicious recipes - helped me learn how to truly nourish my body with healthy food that tastes good while also nourishing my soul by caring for my own heart along the way. I wholeheartedly believe that Alice is living her destiny as a Wellness Coach because she lives and breathes what she teaches. Just look at her - she is the embodiment of radiant wellness! I would recommend anyone who wants real healing to work with her."

Alisha Paladino
Women's Empowerment Coach

"Alice Fulks has made a phenomenal difference in my healing transformation. Because of her, I finally learned that my body was suffering from chronic SIBO and was able to take the proper measures to heal myself. She has also helped me align with my true purpose, making it easier for me to do work that satisfies both my creativity and my soul. Alice is an incredible healer and a gifted, nurturing spirit guide. She creates safety to identify inner blocks with more grace and compassion so that it's easier to restore connection to my true essence. I feel at home in her presence and I know you will too."

Jen Kleiner

"Alice has helped me beyond expectations. She not only gave me practical advice on what to eat but helped me work through that part of me that was resistant to becoming healthy. I had skin damage from the sun and she has been instrumental in the healing of my skin. She is intuitive, patient and compassionate. I recommend Alice's work to anyone who is ready to go to that next level in their health and in their life. "

Katherine Wentworth
Founder of Design 2 Manifest. Brand Management & Design Studio





Map of Your Vision + Dreams 

Your Wellness Road Map 

Self Care and Self Honoring Practices

Actionable + Achievable Goals

Step by Step Accountability


What is in the Way:

Limiting Beliefs and Fears

Behaviors and Coping Strategies that keep you Stuck 

Ways you are playing small and how to support you to step up into your fullness. 


Your Dreams and Goals!

Self Love & Self Care

Grace & Grit 

Gentleness and Compassion

Radiant Wellness!


"Working with Alice has been one of the best decisions I have made. Her heart led advice and wise and disciplined guidance is the perfect future focused manifestation formula for success. Alice comes from a placed of deep love and authenticity that inspires new levels of conscious awakening and goal oriented results. What a true blessings she is. I am deeply grateful for her influence in my life."

Libby Lydecker
Screenwriter and Transformational Kundalini Yoga Teacher

"I tell everyone who will listen that Alice Fulks saved my life. Many people tried to help me, but Alice was the only one I could truly hear. Her coaching and teachings rang true, felt right, and brought me real peace. Because of the work we did together to clear away my old "stuff", I now live a life I truly love."

Samantha Colicchio
Writer & Actress

"Alice developed an amazing modality that assists others in finding their own unique path to true health. She understands and practices the holistic path - it's the Body, Mind and Spirit that leads to true health and healing. Bottom line, Alice puts the HEART and HOPE back on the Path to Good Health."

Debra Cox

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8 Group Coaching Calls

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation live online

Meal Plan

Recipe Book

Shopping List

Radiant Reboot Journal

doTERRA Healthy Daily Habits Kit


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