Hear from others that I have helped on this journey.

Alisha Divina

ThetaHealer, Life Coach, Creator of The Fairytale Coach & The Girl Power System

Alice Fulks helped me transition back to a natural way of eating after years of being on and off various diets, doctor’s programs, medicines & supplements to get my health in order.

Her gentle way of informing & guiding me - and her delicious recipes - helped me learn how to truly nourish my body with healthy food that tastes good while also nourishing my soul by caring for my own heart along the way.

I wholeheartedly believe that Alice is living her destiny as a Wellness Coach because she lives and breathes what she teaches. Just look at her - she is the embodiment of radiant wellness! I would recommend anyone suffering from chronic illness who wants real healing to work with her.

Kiko J. Ellsworth

Actor, Author, Teacher, Producer,
& Emmy Award Winner

Alice is one of the most sacred, intuitive, powerful and fun healers in my time here on earth.

Over the years through her guidance and safe space, I've boldly delved into my inner worlds for deep healing, established healthy daily disciplines as well as a continual realization of the divinity I am.

I trust this woman explicitly with my life.

If you have the rare opportunity to have an experience with her...do not hesitate for one moment, you may miss one of the most revealing opportunities of your lifetime.

Anthea Jaskirpal Kaur

Life Coach & Mantra Artist

Alice exemplifies kindness and grace. Over the years I've seen her grow and blossom thorough many challenges, all with the mindset to use the challenge rather than it using her. With this attitude she is able to bring a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to her clients. She really lives what she teaches and is a great role model.

You will be feel held, supported, and truly thrive in her care.

Samantha Colicchio

Actress & Writer

I tell everyone who will listen that Alice Fulks saved my life. When we started working together, I was emotionally, physically, and spiritually bankrupt.

Many people tried to help me, but Alice was the only one I could truly hear. Her connection to the Divine is strong and real.

Her teachings rang true, felt right, and brought me real peace. She was my guide, helping me connect to my own Higher Power. Because of Alice and the work we did together to clear away my old "stuff", I now live a life I truly love.

Deborah Cox

Founder of Victory Over Trauma

Just as “The Tree is contained within the Seed ….”, Good Health is contained within the entirety of the Human Being.

Throughout the years I have personally observed Alice move through her own quest for healing which included going from doctor to doctor, receiving test after test, trying all kinds of specialty diets, supplements, healers, gurus, and energy workers.

And while much of this can be helpful to a vast majority of people, for those of us who continue to suffer with what is now being classified as Mystery Illnesses (aka Auto-immune Disorders) it can lead to much frustration, stress and added anxiety when at the end of the day we experience no relief.

From that experience, Alice developed an amazing modality that assists others in finding their own unique path to true health. It is refreshing to sit and speak to a genuine advocate who understands many of these frustrations. She understandsthe importance of actually delving into the probable causes of the symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves. She understands and practices the holistic path that it’s the Body, Mind and Spirit that leads to true health and healing. Alice truly is what I like to refer to as my Good Health Advocate.

She is supportive, she listens and is able to articulate what sometimes I myself cannot even find the words to describe for what is going on inside my own body. What really has impressed me about working with Alice is: First and foremost her Personal Integrity and Commitment in finding the answers As we moved thru the process together, she educated me. She created a safe space for me to express my concerns without feeling minimized or invalidated.

She understands that not all of us fit into the standardized testing
structure as laid out by Corporate Medicine Because of her own personal experience she has developed a resource of health practitioners who can offer the most effective treatments based upon the most current research She was a strong advocate for me who assisted me in finding the most appropriate treatments for my own unique challenges Her courage was contagious and uplifting in the most difficult times And finally, it was this same courage that helped rebuild my confidence so that I became my own best Advocate.

Bottom-line, Alice puts the HEART and HOPE back on the Path to Good Health. I am forever grateful for her guidance and strength as I transverse my own quest to good health.

Hargo Khalsa

Natural Foods Business Entrepreneur,
Artist & Musician

Alice Fulks Wellness has been a game changer in my life. After having issues with fatigue, mood swings, allergies, stress, I finally reached a point where I decided it was time to actually take some serious steps towards the healthy, vital & energized life that I've always wanted to have. So much of my health was tied to nutrition and healing old trauma held in the body that needed to be released.

Switching to a plant based diet and having some quality supplements curated for my body and my lifestyle have probably been the most key factors in the improvement of my health and wellbeing.

Within a few weeks, maybe less, I started noticing a major improvement in my energy throughout the day. No spikes & crashes, easier to focus on my work, no brain fog. Within a month or so my allergies had become I'd say 70% better. My eyes weren't burning, digestion good, no sinus headache.

Some of the deepest work and healing I've experienced in my life has come from Alice’s pillar of Uncovering, Discovering and Transforming what's going on inside (both my mind, body & spirit). The healing work was kind of uncomfortable at first. Opening myself up like that was unfamiliar and felt kind of silly at first. But after these sessions, I feel clean, bright, and just lighter. Letting go of this old trauma, I didn't even know was there, has been huge for me.

Alice is truly one of the most giving people I've met. Seeing how much she was able to give me during my healing process and how she wasn't "drained" by the process but seemed happy to do it, satisfied through the process... that really inspired me, and still does, to pay it forward myself.

if you're ready (or maybe even just curious) about what lies on the other side of what you're feeling right now... take the leap. This path works.

Jen Kleiner


Alice Fulks has made a phenomenal difference in my healing transformation. Because of her, I finally learned that my body was suffering from chronic SIBO and was able to take the proper measures to heal myself.

She has also helped me align with my true purpose, making it easier for me to do work that satisfies both my creativity and my soul.

Alice is an incredible healer and a gifted, nurturing spirit guide. She creates safety to identify inner blocks with more grace and compassion so that it's easier to restore connection to my true essence.

I feel at home in her presence and I know you will too.

Sanjay Parekh

Artist & Entrepreneur

Alice is one of the most unique people I have ever met. She’s an amazing combination of pragmatism and spirit. The result is a person who knows, step by step, how to to guide you to your inner divinity and health. It’s very rare to meet someone that has so many gifts, and is able to use them in a such powerful way. Alice embodies a grace and honesty that can truly change anyone’s life, and that’s exactly what she did for me.

I first met Alice as one of her Kundalini yoga students. I would always leave her classes energized and inspired, taking that into the studio when I would work on music. As I began to go deeper into my practice with Alice, she helped guide towards a healthier and more conscious way of living my life. I was experiencing a fair amount of lethargy, congestion, and stress at the time, with little results using my own methods.

Alice listened as I explained all my symptoms, and opened her knowledge about how to get me operating at an optimum level. We worked on a number of lifestyle factors, everything from diet and mindset to meditations. Alice’s empathy, heart, and sense of humor are so strong, that it made my journey towards better health one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had.

I can’t say enough about how amazing this person is! She not only became a mentor, but a sister and friend too. Believe me, there’s only one Alice Fulks!



Alice is a Wellness Coach and a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher.  Alice is not an MD, PA, OD, ND, Licensed Dietician or Licensed Nutritionist, and does not diagnose or treat disease. All information is offered to assist one's innate ability to balance body, mind, emotions & spirit. Clients are encouraged to seek advice from medical doctors in addition to considering complementary and alternative practices.