The 8 Wellness Keys

Healing, Vibrancy, and Feeling Good Again

I hope this note finds you happy, cozy, and spending time with the ones you love!

The response this week to the launch of Alice Fulks Radiant Wellness Coaching has been amazing! Thanks you for your support and your feedback!

A big question I have been getting this week is – Radiant Wellness Coaching… What is it exactly? Below I will share with you the heart of Radiant Wellness Coaching and the 8 Keys of Wellness. I hope you enjoy and that you have a beautiful holiday!

Why Is It Such a Struggle?

For five years, I struggled with chronic illness daily. And real talk… there were many times I felt that I would never be well again. Chronic illnesses, mystery illnesses, and autoimmune disorders – I lived with them daily.

I would wake up in the morning, and it took all my strength (and I’ve got a lot of it) to keep going. I was just trying to make the best of it all while searching for solutions. I truly wondered if I would ever heal.

What I Wished For…

I longed to travel on adventures with my love to India and Spain and Burning Man, but I wasn’t well enough to go. I wanted to go out dancing and enjoy nights out with my amazing friends. However, most of the time, I opted out and stayed home because I was constantly fatigued.

“I used to be fun person”, I thought to myself. However, I didn’t feel fun anymore. I was in survival mode. I was just trying to be okay. And I prayed, boy did I pray, for years. I needed a miracle, and in divine time, my miracle came…

How It Happened…

I read a book, followed the directions, and my life was forever changed. This book is The Medical Medium by Anthony William. The next step appeared when I found a Medical Medium literate, holistic health care practitioner. She helped me fuse together the healing principals of a plant-based diet coupled with her natural five-step healing process for treating chronic illnesses. I’m happy to say that this magical woman is now the On-board Holistic Health Care Practitioner for my coaching program, so you also can benefit from her game-changing wisdom.

I started to see that my body isn’t here to hurt me or attack me. In fact, my body is a miracle! And when I started treating my body like a miracle, it started performing miracles.

My Call…

I listened finally and deeply to the call of my soul, “You’re too stressed. You’re too busy – slow down. Be with the rocks and the earth in the quiet of the desert.”

And then I answered the call. It was tough. I walked away from the largest opportunity of my career. Left my dear friends and beloved City of Angels, and followed my heart to the dusty, magical lands of Joshua Tree.

And nine months into this nutritional path, combined with heaping doses of Mother Earth, I connected to my wants, needs, and desires. I slowed the F*#^ down – I put my health and well-being above my career, and I finally started to feel good again!

I am experiencing a wellness renaissance within myself by following The 8 Wellness Keys that you will find below. Explore them. Even give them some scholarly attention. See if they resonate. If they do, please join me for a free 30-minute consultation where we find out more about the miraculous you.



To a Loving Presence, Yourself, Loved Ones, and Your Tribe.


This customized nutrition plan was created by Holistic Health Practitioner Judy DeLorenzo. As part of the Alice Fulks Wellness Coaching, Judy will meet with you privately and create a treatment program for healing. This program incorporates the following five-step process into your wellness regime as needed:

• Super nourish to build up the immune system

• Address nutritional deficiencies

• Detox heavy metals and other toxins

• Starve out viruses or other microbes by eliminating the foods they thrive on

• Overtly kill microbes through herbs and supplements


Spend time daily with Mother Nature through grounding, earthing, and communing


You will learn to practice Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama (breathwork), & Meditation


Tailored to the client’s specific wellness vision and goals, this process utilizes tools including: Coaching & Wellness Goal Mapping; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); Journaling; Inner Child Work; Tension Release Exercises (TRE); Somatic Exercises and others. *Depending on your needs, the program can also be focused to address addiction, co-dependency, and trauma.


Excavating and activating your individual gifts, talents, and destiny.


“Far Niente” – the pleasure of doing nothing. Cultivating enjoyment of the senses. Immerse yourself in bathing, resting, and being.


When your cup is full, share what runneth over.

These 8 Wellness Keys are what I like to call the Keys to my Wellness Kingdom. They have helped me to come home to myself and truly live a life that feels good. Healing is a process that deserves the greatest attention and care. I am here for you during this sacred, all-important time to support you and hold the vision for you – that your birthright is to be Healthy, Happy, and Whole.

Love & Magic,

A Final Note…

I do not have a crystal ball and I cannot promise you a specific result. What I can do is tell you that I have seen my own life and others’ lives change and heal when they practice these principles.

This path combines Innovative Nutritional Science with ancient Yogic wisdom, as well as psychological tools to help one activate their greatest potential. Additionally, there are practices that help to release tension, fear, stress, and limited belief systems. When these elements are fused – they create a potent recipe for wellness, and help you tap into your own innate wisdom, power, and healing ability,


“Is it easy?” I won’t lie – The answer is No.

“Is it convenient?” Nope.

“Does it take time?” Yes.

“Is it worth it?” Yes. More thank you can possibly imagine.




Alice Fulks Wellness Coaching is done virtually – either by phone or video conferencing. We can work together from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Visit the Website to claim your free RADIANT WELLNESS STARTER KIT!

This valuable tool is stocked full of exercises as well as some wonderful recipes to help you on your Radiant Wellness Path!

The call to adventure is here. Come home to your RADIANT WELLNESS, Brave One!

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