I want us all to remember who we are. 
This will take some deep digging and some doing. 
Our most important mission here on earth is to remember.
To discover, unearth, reclaim, save, re-inherit, awaken 
The great, the mighty, the beloved 
She is waiting for us and she longs to 
Feel the river in her hands
Taste a strawberry without suffering 
To kiss without pain. 
The biggest, deepest, holiest, mightiest thing we can do- is pray 
Pray to align our will with Her.
She will give us all. 
Underneath the trauma, the wounds, the stress, and suffering 
There dwells a secret place that knows nothing other than truth 
She waits for us there
She waits with certainty. 
The heart will never be satisfied until She has been resurrected by You. 
How to begin? 
Make an Altar for Her.  Bow to her.
You will see her in the Moon,  In the Flowers 
Most Especially in the mirror. 
She will look back awaiting you 
To step away from the to do list, the duties, the obligation, the worry. 
She will meet you in the forest, in the ocean, in the desert, and will whisper to you in dreams. 
She will never leave you, or abandon you, or betray you. 
For eternity you can count on HER. 
She asks You:
To hold the aching children and stroke their hair.
To witness the demons with both patience and compassion; 
they have kept you alive and kept you fighting. 
She asks You:
To hold the almighty mystery of your life 
And study it as if it were the most holy and fascinating 
treasure you have ever encountered.

To let the anger rise up from the deep within 
Feel it rage as Kali, as the Tsunami, as Lightning. 
Cry every tear, howl, sob - she is in the wound waiting 
She will hold you. 
When you are ready- and not until then;
Give it all back. 
Surrender into the deep calm quiet river of your own freedom. 
And when the times comes- and not a moment before- 
Hold her hand, and throw the story of your pain and suffering into the fire. 
Watch it burn. 
And then sit with pen in hand and begin again- 
Write the unfathomable wondrous love story 
Of your own life. 
Fall in love with her. 
Fall in Love with the Woman who has Come Home.

Grace & Grit, 

Alice Fulks


"I tried classical therapy. I tried coaching. I tried a clinical psychologist. I tried a medical therapist…I tried hypnotherapy and past life regression. I wrote in my journal. I traveled to holy places to bow my head. I took weekend workshops. I tried group therapy… Then I found Alice. Her personal experience, her insight, her kindness and her vast knowledge of techniques that work, helped me heal my past…and find the courage to make meaningful changes in my life. For this I am truly grateful. "


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